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Learn How to Create Dubstep Music



he first step when learning how to make your own Dubstep songs, is to get the right music creation program.

It is recommended that you Download Dubturbo, which is the fastest and easiest method of producing awesome original Dubstep tracks.

Download it from here:

To Create Dubstep Tracks:

Once you have downloaded the program to your computer, installed and familiarized yourself by watching some of the tutorial videos on the Dubturbo website, you are ready to start production.

The next step in making original dubstep songs is to draw some inspiration and design in your head (mental pre-production) exactly what kind of track you want to create.

1. Listen to your favorite producer. Let’s say you have a Skrillex track in mind (commercial, I know…) that you like and would perhaps like to create something similar. Listen carefully to the kick and snare drum pattern, because this is where it all starts.

2. Open a new session in Dubturbo. Select your drum sounds, though don’t spend too much time on this, you can change them later. Just quickly sequence the drum pattern while you have the inspiration.

3. Use the mouse or keyboard drum machine to enter the pattern (kick and snare only) into the sequencer.

4. Add your hi-hats (the high-end, constant symbols) to the pattern.

5. Find a deeper, more bassy kick or sub, and add that the “1 count” or the first beat of every bar.

6. Now your drum pattern is complete, it is time to look at the bassline. Forget the wobble and effects for now, you need to look at the melody. Most of the coolest Dubstep basslines are usually only a few different, drawn out notes. Choose any instrument sound you like and use the piano keys to make your melody with the mouse.

7. There are hundreds of samples to choose from. I personally like the sexy female voice and throw them into the track when needed.

8. Next is the wobble bass effects, mastering and exporting the completed track, but that is a whole new tutorial.


Dubturbo: Creating Dubstep at Home

By downloading Dubturbo, you will be joining thousands of other users who have commenced the production of Dubstep music, with little or no previous experience.

The following are just a few of the reasons why DJs and Producers alike are making the switch to Dubturbo to create Dubstep tracks:

Instant Download: This is the only software that will allow the user to download direct from the software developer. Don’t wait for a box to come in the mail from some big online store. Get started creating dubstep immediately with Dubturbo.

No Hardware Needed: Most other production setups cost big dollars to get happening. With Dubturbo, there is no additional hardware that is required to function, so as long as you have your computer, you are ready to roll.

Mac and PC: Now you can get a version for Mac OSX and the original for Windows. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to get a version of a particular program, for you specific operating system. When you go to download Dubturbo, there will be operating system options there for you.

Sounds and Samples: So many cool instrument sounds, drum and vocal samples come with the software when you download it. All are of the highest quality and were made especially from scratch, for the latest release version.

Exporting Finished Tracks:  When a new track has been completed, you can then export it automatically using the mastering suite. This is usually a complicated process, though can be done fast (and in high quality of course).

Get started learning how to make dubstep music with Dubturbo. Click the button below to go to the official download location.

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The Influence of Dubstep on Current Music – Part 2



Reviewing newly released music, given it was eighties development of MIDI protocol and computer technology which encouraged burgeoning electronic music scene, electronic music production and editing techniques, it surprises me that quality electronica has been slow to infiltrate the mainstream. In my humble opinion, this is exactly how you will produce a dubstep song that will captivate.

Even now, though prevalent, its use is often clumsy or lazy, uninspired token effect rather than respectfully knowledgeable. However, it is apparent that more musicians, experienced and upcoming, are experimenting with this tool, taking this musical facility/instrument seriously, not just to create new sounds but also incorporating influences gleaned from established dance genres.

Some recent examples particularly caught my ear:

TOYC- ‘Loophole’, EP; The first release, in October 2011,  on MIMM recordings, a Nottingham, U.K. based independent label, features three minimal electronic tracks which proudly speak in Dubstep accent while creating something appealingly new which crosses over from pure dance into something more widely accessible and inventively intriguing.

Drawing on, what has now become intuitive, heritage of off beats, conflicting tempos, clipped, percussive samples and layered loops, TOYC add their own youthful, idiosyncratically insouciant personas and musical experiences, in bouncy electronica borrowed from Electro and Techno on ‘Joompa’, Progressive style watery effects and samples transforming bass drop to maudlin sigh with touch of Roni Size ‘Reprazent’ jazzy drum and bass on ‘Loophole’, while stripped back ‘Think Again’ completely loses bass drop to concentrate on rhythmic percussion of offbeat hand claps, hi hat and drums. Refreshing reinterpretations springing from Dubstep roots.

Troumaca- ‘The Gems’, EP;

It feels like just the beginning of something excitingly new, as Dubstep’s jazzy, jaunty shuffle, deep, vibrating heart and engagingly dissonant accent more confidently infiltrates the music around us.

This creates something fresh and vibrant, sun filtering through a somewhat gloomy, luck lustre musical era, to reawaken the fire that dance lit in its revival and embrace of  multitude of musical forms and its use of technology as expressive instrument, in its own right, alongside more traditional means of music making.

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The Influence of Dubstep on Current Music – Part 1



Electronic dance music being my metier, having tracked  its footsteps through many a mixed metaphor, melting pot, truly universal language gathering influence as it goes, I now walk in dub’s steps, follow its beat from South London Streets, trail its path   to examine its influence, tangled into many strands of this genre and beyond.

With my penchant for darkly minor melodic, deeply diving, reverberating bass ,funky syncopation and choppy breaks, these are shoes I should have tried before but diverted through Progressive and Techno,  I am introduced to it late, by infiltration into other musical ‘categories’ (barriers cannot bound such ethereal matter) and desire to incorporate its plunging heartbeat into my own musical creations.

Popular Music Remixed:

Dubstep most recently boomed onto my horizon when, reviewing Gorillaz ‘The Singles Collection 2001 to 2011′, I observed the number of Dubstep remixes of their songs, no doubt inspired by references within the music, inspiring me to follow further, by listening in more depth to how Dubstep changed a piece of music, starting with a Gorillaz track;

‘Feel good inc’; The original with its funky  deep, bouncing bass ,percussion emphasising off beats, snatched musical phrases and rap working the spaces between, while retaining hip-hop roots, leans dangerously close to falling  into Dubstep, begging to be dragged deeper but remains on the four-four, foot tapping, side of the dance floor.

‘Feel good inc (Miniweapon Dubstep Remix)’; Floated in on glittering, echoed outer space effects, with four-four, bouncing electronic ping pong heart beat, despite off beat kick, this could be Progressive, a notion reinforced by heavy ‘wah wah’ warped emphasis on every beat of the four, except, underneath creeps syncopated percussion, tripping ‘wah wah’ metronome which wobbles off straight and narrow into miasma of cut up, syncopated, shuffled vocal samples. Ping pong heart races uncontrollably into jazzy percussion, emphatically deflecting rhythmic accent  to the weak beat, leaning on the offbeat which, together with signature rat a tat tat Dubstep vocals, definitively disrupts order despite vibrating, grungy dub bass, heavy four to the floor, stalwart efforts to maintain status quo, percussively articulating, guilefully enticing feet from  beat, to spaces in between, artfully doing what dub inescapably does, drub up irresistible desire to resolve conflict, release tension between warring rhythms, fill the gaps with bodily sway, following in the footsteps of many before, such as classical music’s minor seventh, playing to that oh so human need for resolution.  So Dubstep cuts up, reassembles and adds to this little number, moving it from simply catchy to something much more intriguing both aurally and on the dance floor.

Dance Remix:

With such different time signatures, it always fascinates me how dance tunes change when styles collide, for example Dubstep, flip side, remix of a Progressive dance number. Taking an example from that icon of Progressive, Sasha;

‘Wavy Gravy’; A few years ago, Sasha offered up tracks from his ‘Airdrawndagger’ album, broken down into their constituent musical building blocks, for remix , bones up, including ‘Wavy Gravy’. Though this tune’s underlying flow is classically esoteric Progressive, ethereal sounds and melodies in typical four-four time, it is dominated by a feeling of unease, tension, created by an uncharacteristic river of different time signatures and rhythmic patterns flowing over each other and a heavily dominant, half time, offbeat percussive element, waveform engulfing small ripples, mutating the shape of the tune, suggesting the type of  tension inherent in Dubstep while firmly retaining its Progressive one two three four form, albeit making it harder to mix. 

‘Wavy Gravy (Jeremy Doty Dubstep Remix)’; Jeremy Doty turned the song structure upside down, in his Dubstep remix. Here the heavy, grungy bass is half time warring heartbeat while variant melody strands are gathered up, mutated to follow and amplify offbeat tension, moving movement from resolute, four-four on the beat, to gaps in between, forcing the body to provide the lean towards resolution, a spikier dance, completely swaying the emphasis of this tune, moving it to another dance floor, demonstrating the power of rhythm to motivate movement in a certain direction.

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Online Platform for Dubstep: ReverbNation



General Observations

Reverbnation is one of those websites that wants to do it all, and it seems that they have achieved their goals. This platform definitely wants the band or artist to take their careers in their own hands. With apps, Facebook integration, Gig finders, real time stats this website is a golden nugget in the hands of any Internet savvy DJ.

As with most online music platforms there are options to get a paid membership or a free one. In the case of Reverbnation the Free version of the website still grants you a lot of power. Let’s dive a bit deeper into what Reverbnation has to offer for any aspiring DJ, no matter where you are in the world.

A Closer Look

When you first create an account on Reverbnation you’ll be overwhelmed with the options available to you. It’s almost like Myspace, Soundcloud and Nimbit had an orgy and birthed Reverbnation. Allow me to elaborate:

•    Digital Distribution – Just like Nimbit Reverbnation has plenty of options to distribute your music on various other platforms including Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. The price tag for this option is very reasonable and definitely will get your music seen by the world.

•    Reverb Press Kit – Reverbnation will help you manage your press releases, public portfolio, riders and so on with ease. Once more you would be able to pay for some more extensive services and you can rest assure that your sound will become visible for many people.

•    Fan Reach Pro – What would you do for some massive promotion? Reverbnation even has street crews helping you promote your music.

•    Site builder – Not only do you get a nifty looking site, you get to plug in so many apps and widgets that easily can be placed on your blogs, websites and so forth.

Reverbnation for Dubstep?

This online music platform will definitely aid you in the quest to promote your music. In reality it doesn’t matter which one of the online music platforms you choose, all you need to do is invest time in promoting your sound the best way you can, and by taking advantages of the paid services of these websites.

We all want our music to be heard by the world; the only problem is that many people are unwilling to invest money to make it happen. The bottom line is that if you are serious about your music, you’ll buy the gear, invest into the promotion and play your heart out. Reverbnation will definitely aid you in making your Dubstep heard by the world! Visit:

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